Sales Mastery

Do you struggle with duplicating sales success and generating cash flow into your business?

You are NOT ALONE!

Sales is one of the hardest activities a business MUST master


one of the most misunderstood and misapplied processes.

What will you learn!

Quarter 1

o Being Strategic

o Know yourself and your client

o How to be relatable

o Networking

Quarter 2

o Sales conversations

o Establish the need and discovery

o Developing questions

Quarter 3

o Strategic Marketing

o Advancing your solutions

o Features vs Benefits

o Stories to create connection

Quarter 4

o Strategic Relationships

o Metrics and Measurements

o Objections

o Following Up

and much much more!!

What do you get when you join

o A group of like minded sales people and business owners looking to improve

o A structured program designed after 15+ years of experience in sales

o A partner committed to your success as well as their own, an accountability partner

All this is missing is you!

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Becoming A Strategic Business Owner

Download the e-book “Becoming A Strategic Business Owner” from Daniel Murphy, the original Growth Coach.

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